We Got It From Our Mamas

We’ve got a lot to thank our mothers for. From showing us how to balance it all to encouraging us to pursue a life and career that we love, our moms are so much more than role models. So in honor of Mother’s Day, we’re sharing some of the greatest lessons we learned from them. #thanksmom

Christine Cerbana
aka: Allyson’s mom
I learned that a little creativity can go a long way. As a single mom of three, it couldn’t have been easy for my mom. But I never felt as if I wasn’t able to experience something because of time or the cost. My mom somehow made us believe that the world was our oyster, and with just a little bit of creativity we could have it all. As an adult now, whenever I encounter a road block, I channel some of my mom’s mojo and remind myself that it might just take a little creativity to make it happen.

“If you can’t change your situation, change your attitude.”

Valerie Topham
aka: Caitlin’s mom
I’ve learned that there are no limits to what I can do. Over the years, I have made a few decisions that some parents would have never allowed (or at least would have had a word or two to say about the matter). From dying my hair hot pink in high school to randomly deciding to study abroad as a sophomore in college, my mom has never reacted negatively. She’s always supported me in every decision I’ve made and helped me achieve my goals in any way she could. When I was deciding whether or not to move to Colorado, she didn’t try to convince me stay home or apply to other jobs, but instead helped me weigh the pros and cons and let me make my own decision. Being raised with this mentality has allowed me to set no limits for myself, both in my personal life and career.

“It doesn’t have to be perfect, just do your best.”

Sandy Arnold
aka: Kimberly’s mom

Though my mom had plenty of wisdom nuggets to share with me growing up (some I didn’t appreciate as much as I do now), I learned the most valuable lessons from her actions. My mom has always had the most admirable work ethic and is absolutely the most selfless person I know. From working a labor intensive job to supplement our income and coming home to take care of our family, she rarely got a break and, to this day, I’ve never seen her buy one thing for herself in my whole life. She never had access to opportunities like college, so you can imagine how much she *lovingly* nagged at me all my life to study hard and focus on my academics. I am so grateful for all the sacrifices she made and for her always pushing me to be my best. While I thought she was being hard on me as a kid, I think back now and realize she was only setting me up for success.

“Work hard and be independent — no one is responsible for making your dreams happen besides yourself.”

Heidi Anderson
aka: Hannah’s mom
My mom taught me to never fear an opportunity. Growing up, she was always taking my brother and me to different activities, events, classes, and anything that would show us different perspectives and fill our days (I was often the only girl in Karate class). She wanted me to be curious, open, and transparent. To this day, I try not to back down from opportunities that I think I will fail at or not enjoy. It’s those opportunities that have taught me the value of working hard and experiencing everything life has to offer.

“Everything always passes, so just do your best for everyday.”

To all of the mother’s of the world: THANK YOU!

With gratitude,
The ACPR Girl Gang

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