The 3 Things I’m Taking With Me From My Internship

As I’m nearing the end of my time with ACPR, I’m reflecting on what I’ve learned, and, #TBH why I am having a hard time parting ways. I am approaching a big season of change: college graduation, planning a trip to Europe, applying for an entry-level job, and a whole lot of unfamiliarity. As I begin to navigate these new waters, I want to share my biggest takeaways from these past five months.

+ Relationships are everything
Any PR professional will tell you this, but once you see it in action, you won’t understand the importance. Allyson has a knack for fostering great relationships, both in and out of the office. She has taught me the value of building rapport with your co-workers, being consistent in your work and friendships, and having the ability to shift effortlessly between the many roles we occupy. Our interactions, whether over email, in person, or via Instagram, will resonate most with people and form an impression.

+ Communication
It may sound ludicrous, but I have learned more about the importance of effective communication at my time with ACPR than I have in all four years studying communication. If I ever had a hard time focusing my intentions or completing tasks for the day, rather than feeling defeated, we would work on setting better goals and being honest about what I could do next time. In turn, both Allyson and Caitlin communicated their objectives to me with confidence, clarity, and support. The bottom line is that you will never get anything you want without saying it.

+ Be intentional
This could range anywhere from sending a thank-you card after an interview, expressing gratitude, or being on time and present everyday. Regardless, being consistent and intentional will set you apart from another person or candidate. We will constantly be growing and learning in our professions, and our work has the ability to improve and change. What people think about you will mean a lot more than hitting a quota.


Hannah was ACPR’s Spring Intern and aspiring world traveler. She is currently planning a backpacking trip to Europe and is looking forward to trying the many different cheeses that Italy has to offer. She is taking any and all recommendations.

Photo courtesy of Cassie Rosch, Photographer

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