How I Ensure Success Every Morning

To me, the morning is the most important part of my day, and it always seems to set the tone for how the rest of my day goes. With my busy schedule of work and my internship here at ACPR, I like to start the day on an energized and productive note. Here’s five things that I do every morning to ensure success every day.

Waking up early
Sleeping in is for the weekends! I wake up early enough to make sure that I have plenty of time to get ready for the day. I hate being rushed, so I make sure to provide ample time so I can fit everything in before I’m out the door. This is an important step to ensure that nothing is forgotten, and my day doesn’t start off on a frantic note.

Drinking coffee
Nothing says ‘good morning’ to me like the smell of fresh coffee. The caffeine is also a welcome benefit to keep me going all day long (and my days are long)! I set a timer on my coffee maker so it’s already brewing and ready to drink when I wake up. Don’t forget the creamer!

Reading the news
This is my favorite part of mornings! Especially working towards a PR degree and ultimately, career, it’s important that I stay up on the latest updates and trends of our world. I like to start with The Skimm, then I’ll usually have Good Morning America on in the background while I get ready. This is a great way to get my brain turned on for the day.

Setting my intentions
Every morning I think it’s important to take a moment to determine how I would like my day to go or what I expect from myself for the day ahead. Before all the craziness begins, I like to take time, maybe even just a few minutes, to set intentions and goals. What’s really neat is that I can then reflect on this moment throughout the day when I need a reminder of where I need to be or what I need to be doing.

Checking in with my planner
This step is important so I am planned and ready for my day! With the business of each week, it’s easy to forget about all the little details that go into my day, even if I have already written them down. Checking in with my planner helps to make sure I am prepared for what is coming up that day!

Have a great day,

Colette Wray is the ACPR Summer 2017 Public Relations Intern. An Amarillo, Texas native, she’ll be entering her senior year of college at Colorado State University this fall where she studies Journalism & Media Communications with a focus on Public Relations, and minors in English. Colette loves dogs, the color pink, and carbs.

Photo courtesy of @allysonconklinpr

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